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Workshops & Classes With Kiki

Come learn the art of Tease

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Face & Flow Burlesque

Join us for an extraordinary journey where music and facial expressions converge to create a mesmerizing burlesque experience. Kiki Kisses, a seasoned performer renowned for her musicality and captivating expressions, will guide you through a 90-minute class that seamlessly blends theory and hands-on practice. Whether you're a burlesque enthusiast or a performer looking to refine your skills, this class is designed to elevate your act to new heights.

Classical Comedy Burlesque

Join us for a unique experience that blends the sophistication of classical burlesque with the timeless allure of comedy. Kiki Kisses, a seasoned performer with a penchant for humor, brings her expertise to Corps de Burlesque for an exclusive 90-minute class. Whether you're a seasoned burlesque performer or a beginner exploring the world of glamour and tease, this class promises to add a delightful twist to your routine.

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Want Kiki to come to your town and teach?

Bringing a dynamic blend of theory and hands-on learning, Kiki's workshops promise to be transformative experiences for participants of all levels. Whether you're a novice eager to explore the world of burlesque or a seasoned performer looking to refine your craft, Kiki's expertise offers a unique opportunity to elevate your skills.

Don't miss the chance to bring Kiki Kisses to your town. Contact us today to discuss how this burlesque luminary can inspire, instruct, and ignite the passion for performance in your local community. Unleash the magic of burlesque under the guidance of a true artist with nearly a decade of captivating experience.

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