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Graphic Design / Event Marketing

Kiki has worked in Marketing and Multimedia as a muggle job for over nine years, with skills in the whole Adobe suite: Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After effects.

If you need event marketing, copywriting, graphic design, logo design or editing skills, Kiki is your gal!

For many of her clients, she packages these up so you have artwork and accompanying text from go to woah, print files, social media files (all in the most recent ratios) copywriting, and descriptions bundled together.

She charges her time out by the hour, and budget friendly. So flick her an email, and we can bring your ideas to life!

Pink Sugar

Some previous work...

Poster Design
Poster Design
Logo Design & FB Hero
Poster Design
Poster Design
Business Cards
Poster Design within Brand Guidelines

and more...

Get in Touch!

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